CMR Nashville Radio Presenters

Lee Williams

My shows: Friday - 12 noon, 12 midnight, Sun 6 pm

Biography: Lee Williams is the founder and sole owner of 'Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station CMR Nashville... Read More

Richard Alen

My shows: Monday 8am GMT, Sunday 6 am GMT

Biography: Richard Alen - Sounds Country a weekly selection of new, past and rarities. Always a great selection... Read More

Karen Miller

My shows: Friday 1400 hrs, 2200 hrs - Saturday 0200 hrs, 1000 hrs, 1800 hrs

Biography: Karen Miller presents Now That’s Americana on CMR Nashville.She’s worked in radio-related jobs a... Read More

Ronnie Norton

My shows: Friday 1600 hrs - Saturday 0400 hrs, 2000 hrs. GMT European Bluegrass Country Hour Monday at 6 pm, Tuesday at 2am and 10 am

Biography: Ronnie Norton - Lonesome Highway Two hours of the best Bluegrass Music on European Radio featuring ... Read More

Connie Kis Andersen

My shows: Thursday 4 pm and midnight, Friday 8 am, and Sunday 5 am GMT

Biography: Connie Kis ANDERSEN One of Western Australia's finest country music artists, Connie Kis is a regu... Read More

Richard Coupland

My shows: The Breeze - Thursday at 2pm, and 10pm, and Friday at 6 am UK time

Biography: I’ve been on the air for almost five years now with a weekly show on Zetland FM where we developed... Read More

Just Dave Bernal

My shows: The California Country Show Sunday at 8pm and Monday at 8am UK time

Biography: Hosted by “Just Dave” Bernal, The California Country Show is a syndicated weekly radio show, int... Read More

Tim Rogers

My shows: Welcome back Tim from Monday 22 June 2 hours from 4pm, and midnight and Tuesday at 8am

Biography: Tim Rogers started his broadcasting career at Radio Trent, Nottingham in 1979. Within 2 years he al... Read More

Brian Clough

My shows: The American Connection Show Saturday at 5 pm and Sunday 5 am UK time

Biography:  Brian Clough Bio.doc Read More

Johnny Da Piedade's

My shows: Friday 2 pm Sat 2 am GMT

Biography: Johnny Da Piedade - The Big Cactus Country Radio Show - The #1 Country Show from France Read More

Hermann Lammers Meyer's

My shows: Tuesday 2 pm, 8pm, Wed 2am, 8am, Sun 2 am. All UK Time More Pics in the Gallery

Biography: Hermann Lammers Meyer was born Dec o7, 1952 in Aschendorf Germany, since 1973 he is busy singing and... Read More

Stuart Cameron

My shows: The Hotdisc Top 40 can be heard at 12 noon on a Sunday + Midnight and repeated on a Tuesday at 4pm, Midnight and Wed at 8 am all UK time

Biography: Stuart is the owner of Hotdisc, a media company which produces TV and radio programmes covering spor... Read More

Steve Warren

My shows: Sat - Midnight, Sun 10pm UK Time Loads of pics in the Gallery

Biography: Steve Warren is the author of RADIO: The Book, (Focal Press-NAB) and has been a radio professional s... Read More

American Driver Radio

My shows: Friday @ 6 pm, Saturday @ 6 am & 10 pm, More Pics in the Gallery

Biography: American Driver Radio Show with Stan Campbell & Tim Dennis direct from Nashville. All UK Time. S... Read More

John Dean

My shows: Tuesday 12 noon, 8pm and Wed 4 am GMT

Biography: I have always had a love for Country Music I got into radio by accident in the early 80s I way to wo... Read More

Michael Johnathon's WoodSongs Old Time Radio Show

My shows: Thursdays at 7pm, Friday at 3 and 11 am UK time

Biography: WoodSongs is a live audience music and conversation Show, 'Live' from Lexington, Kentucky. Hoste... Read More

Willie Morgan

My shows: CMR Nashville Countdown Sat 6pm, Wed 12 noon, 8 pm , Thurs 4 am all UK time.

Biography:   My history, takes in a number of facets. I was born and educated in London, initially at the... Read More

Graham (Golden) Lees

My shows: Second Wednesday in the month at 2 pm, 10 pm, Wednesday at 6 am, and Sunday at 8 am all UK time

Biography: I'm Graham Lees and was born in the North of England. Country Music first drew my interest in the ea... Read More

Jeanne Jordan

My shows: The UC Show, the last Wednesday in the month at 2pm, 10pm, Thursday 6 am, and Sunday 8 am all UK time

Biography: Jeanne got her lucky break in the 1970s when she was working in Blighties in Farnworth, Manchester a... Read More

Kenny Schneebeli

My shows: From Jan 18 2014 Saturdays at 10 am, Sunday 8 pm, Tues Noon and 8 pm UK time

Biography: . Hello, I'm Kenny Schneebeli, host of the Texas Country Music Countdown heard right here on CMR Na... Read More

Dave Watkins

My shows: The Country Mile Monday 7pm, Tues 3 am and 11 am UK time

Biography: Dave got involved with community radio locally in Frome, Somerset in 2010, first of all with a sport... Read More

David Lovell

My shows: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 pm and 11 pm

Biography: David Lovell David Lovell Bio.doc Read More

Kev Williams

My shows: Sunday 4pm, Thursday 1pm, and 9pm

Biography: Kev Williams Biog.doc Read More

Peter Fairhead

My shows: Monday 7pm, Tues 3am, 11am, Sat 4pm, Sun 4am all UK time

Biography: I was born and grew up in Chelmsford, the birthplace of radio, and by the time I could walk, I was e... Read More

Dana Williams

My shows: Radio Rehab Show Sat 8 pm from 10 Dec

Biography: Dana Williams was born in Dayton Ohio, but grew up mostly in Nashville. His first performance was in... Read More

Emperor Rosko

My shows: Coast To Coast Country Sundays at 6 pm and Mondays at 6 am UK Time

Biography: Rosko Bio ABOUT EMPEROR ROSKO.doc Read More

Roger Peck

My shows: British Country Music Show Part 1 Thursday 5pm and Friday at 1 am and 9 am Part 2 - Friday at 3pm and Sat 3 am Sounds Americana at 11 pm Saturday and Sunday 11 am

Biography: Roger Peck Bio.doc Read More

New Country Brew - Bill Hughes and Kenny Morris

My shows: New Country Brew Tuesdays at 2 pm, 1opm, and Wed 6 am GMT

Biography: Direct from the USA New Country Brew is dedicated to the music of Independent country music artis... Read More

Adrena Austin

My shows: First Wednesday in the month at 2pm, 10 pm, and Thursday at 6 am

Biography: CMRbio2017.docAdrena Austin is the host of The Girl Power Country Hour. The show is a celebration of... Read More

Charles Christian

My shows: The Ameicana Music Radio Show Sat 10 pm and Sunday 10 am

Biography: Charles Christian is a UK-based lawyer-turned-journalist and long term music fan – he used to road... Read More