Kevin Williams

Welcome are new presenter Kev Williams taking over the Album Zone from Colin Roke who has decided to retire after the very start 10 years ago. We wish him well and was a valuable asset to CMR Nashville "Kev Williams was born in Nottingham but he loves the seaside life, currently living in Bournemouth. He was a presenter at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio for a few years before joining Bournemouth's Hospital Radio station "Hospital Radio Bedside" and has a love of all types of music, but especially Country. He has amassed a huge record collection, and is now looking for a house big enough to store it! Kev's Country show recently won the Gold award for Best Specialist Music Programme in the National Hospital Broadcasting Awards. Needless to say, he felt truly honoured and was, for once, speechless! You can find Kev presenting The New Album Zone on CMR Nashville - take a listen, why don't you?" (Times below) No relation to CMR Nashville owner Lee Williams Pic features Kev with Little Big Town

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My Shows: Album Zone starting Monday 17 Aug at 3pm, 11pm following day at 7 am. New show on Tuesday same times with repeats on Wed and Thurs