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David Bradley a Brit In Nashville - Playing the best new Nashville music, interviews and news from Music Row Tune in every week on CMR Nashville and hear David Bradley on Tuesdays at 2pm, 10 pm, Wednesday 6 am and Sunday 4 am all UK time. Check your local time against the UK time. Shows archived at www.davidbradleymusic.com From the oil rigs in Siberia to the clubs and songwriting circles of Nashville, Tennessee, Englishman David Bradley brings his soulful country rock & roll to the U.S. via his home in Music City. A proud resident of Nashville, David relocated from the town of Sunderland, in northern England, where he was born and raised. Following in his father’s footsteps, he made a life for himself as an oil engineer. David completed his oil career as a Commissioning Manager working for every major oil company worldwide. As a result of being stationed for months in the forests of Siberia and on oil rigs in the middle of the Caspian Sea he fosters a deep empathy for others who may find themselves far from the comforts and familiarities of home. David’s multi-faceted past has nurtured his undeniable talent and ability to write about the hopes and fears that a man must confront in his journey through life. David's first band, in which he served as lyricist and singer, consisted of fellow engineers who initially played in the U.K. and then on the road, anywhere their jobs took them. "We’d put on concerts for the guys where we worked, entertained the troops, so-to-speak". David and his band band played to an audience of 20,000 in the remote country of Kazakhstan, in the former Soviet Union. His music united people of many towns and villages spread hours apart, many of which lacked electricity or running water. This experience inspired David and from it emerged his conviction that music was where his heart truly lay. In 2005, David committed to his songwriting and moved to a town in Siberia where he recorded his songs with a local band of classically trained jazz musicians. The songs were influenced by the music that David's father, who was also an oil engineer, would bring home from his frequent trips to Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Iran — tapes of American country music by Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. When he returned home, David took the first step towards his solo career by mixing his tracks at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London. The result was an album titled, "Songs From A Dirt Road" (available on iTunes and CD Baby). The album exemplified his ability to produce contagious melodies and gorgeously simple acoustic performances while showcasing his honest and compelling voice. The powerful lyrics embodied his soulful, introspective nature - a reflection of his unique and lonesome journey through life. Now, with his feet firmly planted in Nashville's green grass, David is collaborating with some of the most notable songwriters and producers in town. He performs with a full band, hosts numerous events, and participates in the famed songwriters’ rounds. His songs and performances have consequently earned him a highly coveted publishing deal with Wrensong Music Publishing. David's live shows also brought him to the attention of the AristoMedia Group who invited him to participate in their international "Artist Showcase of Tomorrow's Stars", which kicked off CMA Music Fest, in June of 2009 and again in 2010. "David Bradley brought the showmanship for his closing set, working the crowd and the ladies, in particular. Maybe it's because he's been living in Nashville for a while, but this pleasant fellow from the U.K. really came across with confidence on stage – he clearly knew how to deliver an energetic set without seeming too contrived. This is a guy to keep an eye on". (The AristoMedia Blog) In 2010, while working with singer/songwriter/producer Brady Seals (Little Texas, Hot Apple Pie), David put the finishing touches on his highly anticipated new album, "Movin' On". The first single release, "Soak It Up" was a successful summertime hit that summoned bikinis, boats, and a summer breeze thanks to radio and its listener support. January, 2011 brought the release of David's new single, "Hard Time Movin" On", a heart-wrenching and emotional break-up song written by Rivers Rutherford and Gordie Sampson, which features Rodney Crowell on backing vocals. "Gorgeous music intro (you can hear Rodney's style) - Vocals are beautiful - This one will be HUGE!!!" - Dawn Dale KNAF 107.9 Texas Rebel Radio Many country music fans and industry professionals agree: David Bradley is on the fast track. Watch out for David Bradley, a Brit with a soulful sound, undeniable charm, rockin’ edge and a whole new brand of country! New single 'If You Can't Make Money' moving up the American charts. www.davidbradleymusic.com

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