Lee Williams Leads a Brit Invasion to Nashville




For one week only Nashville was invaded by various British Artists who came in to celebrate the 44th CMA awards and to perform at The International Party on the night before the CMA Awards Tuesday 9th November at the Cadillac Ranch down on Broadway. CMR Nashville took over the Downtown Honkytonk for the Tues evening from 5 pm featuring nine acts which included The Hayley Oliver Band (winners of two BCAWards), Alan West Band, Sandy Newman (Marmalade lead singer), David Bradley Band, Emma King and The Heartsets, Raintown, Thore Anderson Grammy Winner from Norway, Kelli (Iceland) and the Ryan Cook Band from Canada. The show was such a great success, that the the venue offered the same night every year for an annual International Party run by CMR Nashville and supported by Digital Rodeo, Music City Roots, AirPlay Direct and Luna Chica Records.


Quote from Lee Williams: 'We had been planning this day for a few months after an agreement was made in the summer. We knew we had competition from the Awards and other annual events like the BMI, SESAC, Dinners and Award Shows, Songwriter specials and every club in Broadway, hosting live music. We beat this and had a large audience of fans, tourists, and many industry people enjoying the sounds from our great acts. We are so excited that we have been given the Cadillac Ranch to run this every year. If going to Nashville at this time next year add our night to your schedule.'

Whilst in Nashville, many of the acts that Lee Williams represent, talked record deals with Luna Chica Records. This included Hayley Oliver, Sandy Newman, Alan West and Gary Curtis who had already signed previously. Both Gary and Alan West spent time recording tracks for their new CDs with different studios. These artists also appeared at the Battleground Brewery in Franklin as a warm up gig on the Sunday before. They all also had the chance to watch the taping of the CMA Xmas Show at the Bridgestone Arena with a host of top chart names. On the last day Sandy, Alan, Hayley, and David Bradley recorded a one hour Brit Invasion special at the 16 Ton Studios for The Maverick on Music Row radio show. The all performed live and were interviewed by Robert Reynolds (the host and ex Maverick). This airs on CMR Nashville Tues 30 Nov 5pm plus repeats, and archived on www.digitalrodeo.com after this date.

The show at the Cadillac Ranch can be viewed at www.livestream.com/cmrnashville

The acts also were invited to the CMA International Media party at The Hilton Hotel, followed by a Luncheon media party at Luna Chica Records offices, where it was announced that CMR Nashville was opening it's Nashville office in their building, and that Lee Williams had been made the International Director for Luna Chica Records. Further details from this will follow.

A further quote from Lee: 'This week has been exceptional for me and the growth of CMR Nashville. I am also so excited for the British acts who received such a hot reaction from Nashville fans and Industry. This British Country visit in Nashville has been viewed as similar to when 60s music first came to the USA.

For further info contact lee@cmrnashville.net

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